July 6, 2013

May MADness

May we had the annual Health Days Celebration the kids got their faces painted
Cheyane got a unicorn

 Remi got a princess crown
 Hudson got an orange dog
 Hudson trying to do a kissy face!
 Love this boy!
 Cute model
 Love this picture!
 Love this girl!
 I was so excited to see when my grandma Barretts start that I got finally got some flowers on it! I have had the plant for 5 years and this is the first time it bloomed and much to my surprise it has blooms again! 
 The kids are so funny every time they see a rock sitting in a little area they want to get their picture taken, this is the kids in front of Al's...
 Allie came to visit we were all so happy we love seeing her! I'm not sure if I am supposed to say this or not but she is growing a little peanut and I couldn't be happier!
 Mothers day was fantastic I was spoiled Josh and the kids made me a delicious breakfast and spoiled me rotten.
Our beautiful mothers we are so glad we have been able to have them in our lives!
 The kids like to have "sleepovers" all over the house they are so adorable when they are kind to each other!
Having a tea party with one of the cute neighbor girls.
He has such great manners...
 And this is what happens when Hudson has a tea party all by himself.
 The kids having a tickle fight telling me to "take pictures"
 I love summer! One of the many reasons I love summer is I can sleep in! In the mornings I usually get a few visitors and get to spend some quality time with them and get some cuddles.

June 26, 2013

Soccer, Hogle Zoo, Baby Animal Days

The girls did soccer this year it is their first year I was nervous to see how they would do and if they would even participate. They were really shy with their coach but loved getting ready to go to soccer and liked running around but had a hard time understanding that you are supposed to watch the ball they liked to make sure I was watching them. I did find out that I am one of those loud obnoxious soccer moms that tell all the kids to run and kick the ball, but I enjoyed watching them especially when they would roll around on the ground or dance with their shadow or talk to their friends on the other team.
 The kids constantly ask me to take photos of them so we have lots of crazy photos of us.
 Our first hot dog roast it was FREEZING!
We went to hogle zoo with a few of our neighbors and it was so much fun!
Looking at the Grizzly Bear
 Remi loved the gorillas and thought they were so funny, they were playing peek a boo and the little one was throwing grass at the big one it was funny.
 Cody is our neighbor he is amazing he I great with all the kids! The girls love him and cling to him we are always glad when he is around to help!
 The seals
 Their hands next to the bear hands
We went to baby animal days. we had lots of fun and waited in lots of lines!
The kids always love it!
Riding the ponies
 Holding baby ducks and chicks, Cheyane especially is the sweetest girl she loved holding the baby ducks and chicks and it took a lot to get her to put them back.
Riding the train
 Remi and Cheyane only wanted to go in the caboose
 Remi, Hudson, Kate, Cheyane, Chase
Were setting them up, he took her on a date on the train! ha ha
 The Candy Cannon
 The tiny tiny baby turtle we wanted to take them home.
 We got to see the baby bears they were so cute!
Riding the wagon pulled horses.